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LumberShield™ Protective Lumber Wraps

LumberShield™ is a timber packing solutions provider, based in Portland, USA and is your premium provider of printable lumber wraps, rail car covers and more. Our most renowned product is LumberShield™ Protective Wrap.

Lumber Protective Wraps are modelled in such a way that it provides utmost protection against difficult conditions such as unfavourable weather, shocks sustained during transportation, loading and unloading.

This unparalleled product can protect all kinds of timber against damage. LumberShield™ Lumber Wrap material can safeguard treated wood, beam, panels, joints, re-manufactured wood and all kinds of timber used for construction purposes.

What Makes LumberShield™ Protective Wrap Special?

Over 40 years in the business

Secure and Easy Lumber Wrap

Our lumber wrap is resistant to slipping, and also can have staple reinforcement strands which help to increase staple holding ability.


Our lumber wrap USA can completely eradicate delamination. It also reduces tearing by providing the best strength-to-weight ratio.


LumberShield™ Protective Wrap can function in extreme weather and can provide protection from all kinds of climates.

Resistance to UV

Our lumber wraps have UV-resistant layers for added protection.

Resistant to Slipping

The surface of LumberShield™ lumber Wrap is slip-resistant and is safer to work with.

Industry-leading Standards

We use standard packing systems and the wrapping is done through automated equipment, all leading to high quality.

Why LumberShield™ Is Different?

Lumber Wraps

A Brand That Is Committed To Quality

With decades of excellence in the industry of timber packing solutions, we have made a reputation for ourselves as the leading packaging manufacturer in Portland, USA. We have an international presence, which helps us to meet the requirements of thousands of customers all over the globe.

We are constantly coming up with new innovations to help us cater to the needs of our customers. We use the latest technology in the industry, and we constantly check our products to ensure the utmost quality.

If you are looking for a timber packing solution that can provide the best service, and that is flexible enough to be able to cater to all your specifications, reach out to us at LumberShield™, for impeccable service and exquisitely manufactured products.

Best Rated Lumber Wraps And Other Protection Materials


Prioritization of safety

Our main focus is occupational health and safety. We take extra measures to make sure that all our products meet the necessary standards.

High quality

Our products are fashioned to ensure that they are able to resist various external forces such as climate, stapling damages and our products are designed for maximum protection. In addition, we also provide a wide range of customizable products suitable for any extreme weather conditions.

We are not limited to lumber wraps; we also manufacture numerous other products such as lumber bundle covers USA.

Customer-oriented service With Best Lumber Wrap Prices

We have plenty of customization options to ensure that we meet the requirements you specify. We also have a worldwide supply chain that helps us keep our company functioning smoothly.

Focus on Sustainability

As an environmentally-conscious company, all our polypropylene and polyethylene lumber wraps are made of completely recyclable material. We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and are committed to protecting the environment we all live in.

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The Best Lumber Wraps USA

Our lumber wrap is completely customizable, and it is available for you in many different widths. In addition, the lumber covers can be printed, pre-folded and rolled into many sizes. They are also available in many attractive colors such as white, silver and black. They also come in different weights.

The lumber protective wraps can also be customized to have buckles that can hold down the product while it is being transported. This is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your product is not harmed in any way.

Lumber wraps USA has many different applications such as plywood, construction supplies and wooden crates.

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LumberShield is one of the leaders in manufacturing and distributing lumber covers in Portland, USA.

Revolutionizing your packing process to use premium lumber covers will provide better protection while also improving the efficiency of your supply chain.

For printed lumber wraps to be of high quality, they must be made of high-quality plastic, and the print that is used must also be pristine.