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LumberShield™ – The Number One Lumber Wrap Manufacturer!

LumberShield™ Corporation was formerly the wrap division of Bulldog Bad Ltd. LumberShield™ was the first lumber wrap manufacturer to provide poly woven lumber wrap to the forest industry in 1978. Our company has been providing lumber protective wraps to many companies over the next three decades. These companies include Tolko, Interfor, Canfor and WFP.

Bulldog lumber wrap printing was acquired by LumberShield™ Corp in June 2018, and they continued to serve the customers of the Bulldog lumber wrap printing division. The newly formed company then relocated to a new location in Langley, BC. They took with them an experienced staff in different divisions such as manufacturing and sales.

The new company is strictly a lumber wrap manufacturer, and is focused on manufacturing lumber covers and works tirelessly towards improving the quality of the product and the service provided to its customers.

Lumber Wrap USA

Our Commitment

Commitment to delivering excellent service, and to become the most reliable supplier in the industry of lumber packaging.


Strive to expand the range of packaging supplies and accomplish much more in the field of lumber packaging in the years to come.

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Give us a toll free call at
Toll Free: 1-877-220-POLY (7659)


Why Opt For LumberShield USA?

LumberShield™ holds decades of experience in the field of timber packaging solutions and delivers high-quality lumber wraps to all of the USA, as well as all around the world.

  • Lower prices than those of our competitors
  • Customized lumber bags (custom sewn or printed)
  • Punctual delivery
  • Less lead time
  • Thorough quality assurance processes
  • Customer-oriented service
  • Fully integrated manufacturing
  • High-quality polyethylene and polypropylene fabric

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Advantages Of Buying Lumber Wraps From LumberShield™

At LumberShield™, we focus on delivering products of outstanding quality. It is not just our products that we attempt to achieve excellence in, but also our customer service. Our manufacturing facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and is equipped with the latest technology in lumber cover manufacturing.

We follow high standards when it comes to our products, to ensure that all our customers get products of exceptional quality, and exceptional customer service as well.

Quality Lumber Protective Wraps

Quality Assurance Processes

Our focus is centred on providing high-quality materials at affordable prices. We are intent on maintaining our customers’ trust and as such, our products are all tested meticulously before being handed over to our customers. This has led to our lumber cover manufacturing company being recognized as one of the most trustworthy names in the industry.

Our staff is well trained and are passionate about their jobs. Everything from customer service to manufacturing is done with the utmost expertise and with zeal.

The Best Lumber Wrap USA

The lumber wrap manufactured by LumberShield™ is undoubtedly superior to all others, as it places special focus on the quality of our products. Everything from our raw materials, to our manufacturing equipment and our finished products, are of exceptional quality, and we never compromise the quality of our materials in favour of inexpensive alternatives. 

We do not produce just the best lumber cover; we also manufacture rail car covers in the USA, both with high-quality raw materials.

Best Customer Service

We constantly invest in the skill development of our staff, and they are given training in order to ensure that they do their jobs with skill, care and expertise. It is not merely manufacturing lumber covers that we focus on. Customer service is also important to us.

Our staff is trained to help you with any and all of your needs and to patiently walk you through the processes of giving orders for retail car covers, or lumber wrap in the USA. We are firm believers in the fact that investment in human resources is vital to the success of any company.

That is why we ensure that our staff is well-trained and well-compensated, which ensures that they provide the best service possible to all our clients.

Excellent Lumber Protective Products

The lumber cover manufactured by LumberShield™ is truly unparalleled. This lumber cover is resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions, including high heat and acid rains. It is also resistant to rain and can also repel UV light, which helps increase its lifespan.

We are also able to provide tailor-made designs to clients who would like us to customize their products. We can add the logo of the client’s company, in order to spread brand awareness of their organization. The lumber wrap also comes in several attractive colours that the client is free to choose from.

Contact LumberShield™ Today!

LumberShield™, with its decades of exercise, will ensure that your company gets high-quality products and that they are delivered punctually. With our easily customizable products, you will be able to get your lumber covers designed exactly the way you want them. We provide a wide range of widths, sizes, materials and colours.

If your company is looking for lumber wraps to keep your timber safe during transportation, storage, or during any other circumstance, LumberShield™ is the best option for you. With our unparalleled products and our efficient and pleasant customer services, we can ensure that you can get your timber packaging needs satisfied in one go.

Quality Lumber Wraps