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LumberShield – Quality Lumber Wraps & Packaging Products In Portland, USA

Since our establishment several years ago, Lumbershield has been continuously supporting the lumber industry in Portland. We provide premium quality lumber wraps USA and our orders can be customized to best fit your requirements. We are renowned for our quick services with minimum lead time, as our team strives to achieve high levels of efficiency. This is one of the main reasons why Lumbershield is one of the most sought-after lumber cover providers in the city.

We Do The Complex Wraps As Well

At Lumbershield, we do more than generic lumber wraps and covers. Therefore, if you have a lumber package requirement that goes beyond the norm and needs an expert opinion, do contact our team. Our well-experienced and qualified team will surely put together an impressive lumber cover design for you.

Lumber Covers Offered at Affordable Rates

As a professional company for lumber packaging products in Portland, we go above and beyond to deliver the best value for money to our customers. Hence, our production process is constantly updated with the latest tools and technologies for improved efficiency. Based on these improvements, we are capable of providing cost-effective lumber packing solutions at reasonable rates, with zero hidden charges. Therefore, if you are on the watch out for lumber packing products in Portland, Lumbershield is your place to be.

Why Choose Lumbershield for Your Lumber Packing Needs?

At our lumber package manufacturers, we have a customer-first culture that empowers us to provide the highest quality of services for our clients. This comes with the ability to customize lumber packing solutions, purchase different quantities of products with minimal lead time, and products offered at affordable rates. In addition to this, we also allow customized branding on our lumber packing products. Therefore, if you are looking to market your brand on the way, we can accommodate that for you as well. 

Lumber Wrap USA

Lumber Wrap

Lumbershield is one of the largest lumber protective wraps manufacturers in Portland. Over the last few years, we have been supplying premium-quality lumber wraps at affordable rates. With these lumber wraps, it is a guarantee that your cargo will be transported safely. Because our lumber wraps have been carefully designed to provide the best protection with improved durability.

  • Branding With Our Printable Lumber Wraps USA

If you are an organization with routine engagement in lumbar transportation, our branding option will be ideal for you. Because we do logo printing and other types of branding on our lumber wraps so that you will have recognition wherever you ship your lumber to. Our customers are constantly given the flexibility to customize their wraps, so, if you are on the lookout for a flexible lumber wrap rolls manufacturer, do contact our team at Lumbershield.

  • A Range of Lumber Wraps to Pick From

To accommodate all our customer needs and requirements, we offer lumber wrap in a broad range. This includes variations in colors, sizes, external coating, and even material strength. Therefore, you can investigate and pick the best combination that suits you, rather than having to settle with an off-the-shelf lumber wrap.

Lumber Cover

Best Quality Lumber Covers in Portland

Lumbershied is renowned for designing some of the best lumber covers currently available in the market. These covers are produced using premium-quality woven plastic, and hence, it is not only effective but durable as well. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a cost-effective lumbar covers provider, Lumbershield should definitely be your next stop.

Lumber Wraps USA

A State-of-the-Art Production Facility to Meet Customer Requirements

At Lumbershield, we have a top-notch production facility equipped with the latest tools and equipment. Our team is also extremely qualified and has years of experience in handling cover production. This allows us to efficiently produce some of the best quality lumber covers in large quantities as well. Owing to this, we are able to deliver even larger quantities of lumber covers with a minimal lead time.

What Makes Lumber Covers Better Than Lumber Wraps USA

The most prominent difference between lumber cover and lumber wrap is the ease of using them. Whereas a lumber wrap USA might need a minimum of two people for application, a lumber cover can be handled by one employee with ease. To add to it, lumber covers also provide more security for packing, since they can cover a lumber supply from end to end.

Railcar Covers

Railcar Covers From Lumbershield

At Lumbershield, we also produce railcar covers that will help you safely transport lumber by rail. These railcar covers would play a huge role in making sure that your lumber reaches its destination without any unwarranted damage. These covers produced at our premium production facilities are some of the best in the States, especially due to their durability and effectiveness.

Railcar Covers Customized For Clients

As a professional lumber covers provider, we are well aware that different customers have different needs. This is why our railcar covers can be tailor-made to fit our customers’ needs and expectations. May it be in dimensions, material composition, or even quantity, our team will make sure that your requirements are fulfilled.

Our Lumber Packages Designed For Easy Application

Our lumber packages have been designed such that they are easy to use. The same goes for our railcar covers as well. On top of it, we also do printing on rail covers for anyone who wants to brand their lumber loads when transporting. It will add recognition for your organization if you are looking for recognition. So, contact our team at Lumbershield, and get started by telling us your requirements.

Railcar Covers USA

Lumber Wrap Repair Tape

At Lumbershield, we also produce durable repair tape that outsmarts every other repair tape available in the market. These tapes are strong as well as durable, thereby ensuring that they give the expected level of protection. Based on your needs, you can choose from a range of Lumbershield repair tapes of different sizes. Either way, our lumber wrap repair tapes provide extra protection: thereby proving to be more efficient than those tapes available in the market.

Why Choose Lumbershielf Wrap Repair Tape?

Our repair tape has a unique polyethylene composition that gives it better quality than the usual adhesives you find in the market. This strength makes our tape ideal for preserving glass in a single piece, as it gives additional protection against cracks and chips. These very same properties make our repair tape ideal for vehicle and boat repairs as well.