Printed Lumber Wrap

February 8, 2022

About Printed Lumber Wraps

As one of the leading lumber wrap manufacturers in the USA, we are well aware of the importance of high-quality lumber wrap. For printed lumber wraps to be of high quality, they must be made of high-quality plastic, and the print that is used must also be pristine. Using four-colour inline printing technology, it is possible to display a clear image both of what is being transported, as well as the logo of the company that handles the lumber.  

Printable lumber wraps allow you to promote your company’s brand and simultaneously keep the lumber safe from environmental factors.  ­With the use of print repeat options, it is possible to print a corporate logo repeatedly on the poly lumber wrap. Our designers can work with you to produce a customized print that can truly bring out your company’s brand once it is printed in the lumber wrap. 

Printed lumber wraps are produced in standard lengths (2000’), and they are palletized with twelve rolls. The best part is you have the option of customizing the length and width of these printed lumber wraps to suit the needs of your company.

Customizing Printed Lumber Wraps

Since we are professional lumber wrap manufacturers in Portland, we provide a range of customizing options to all our customers so that they can have their printed lumber wraps made to suit their needs. Our lumber wrap suppliers provide large printed wraps as an option. 

We provide you with an economical solution to all your significant lumber wrap printing needs by doing large printing by rail. On the other hand, standard printed lumber wraps are done with a single color print. Here, you have the option of choosing high graphic printing for a vivid and seamless output.

What Is The Purpose Of Using Printed Lumber Wrap?

You might wonder which is a better option for lumber protective wraps: sewn lumber covers or lumber wraps. When it comes to packaging lumber products, plan lumber wrap is the best option to go for. Sewn lumber covers are still a great option for the purpose of packaging wood and lumber items, but the best thing about printed lumber wraps is that they have a large range in length. 

The availability of many different board lengths makes them an excellent option for end-line packaging. Usually, rolls of lumber wrap are produced as rolls of 2000 feet in length. However, according to your request, our lumber wrap manufacturers can even provide these in 1000 foot long rolls and a range of other lengths.

Comparing Lumber Wrap And Clear Plastic Film

Usually, clear plastic film is a good way to protect items from dust and grime, but it is not a good choice for lumber and wood. One of the reasons for this is that poly is not able to endure environmental effects and the stress of transportation, as well as lumber wrap, does. Using poly to cover your loads during transportation will not be sufficient because the endurance levels of poly are simply not enough for this purpose. 

Another reason is that lumber and wood are much more resistant to UV light than poly is. Poly is quite susceptible to UV rays, and using it to cover lumber will lead to damage to the products. When comparing lumber wrap and poly, lumber wrap is clearly a better option because it has the strength required to keep lumber safe from external factors.

If you are looking for customizable lumber wraps, feel free to contact us, and we can provide more information about our lumber protective products and help you choose the best option for your company.