What Is Lumber Cover?

March 18, 2022

Lumber Cover By LumberShield

LumberShield is one of the leaders in manufacturing and distributing lumber covers in Portland, USA. Our lumber coverings are made using the finest plastic to ensure the best protection for wood and lumber products. With the rising demand for convenient and effective packaging solutions, the need for a quality lumber cover manufacturer is undebatable. 

LumberShield boasts of superfast production lines and easily affordable prices, both very beneficial in terms of cost and efficiency. Our lumber covers produced inside the USA are a solution to the extended turnaround times and increased expenses you would have to experience in the international lumber cover market. 

We are the one to rely on if you are looking for printable lumber covers that are both easily acquirable and top-notch in quality, durability and design.

With plenty of options for customization, being one of the leading lumber wrap suppliers, LumberShield guarantees the best value for your money, the fastest turnaround and premium quality.

Benefits Of Lumber Covers

There are several upsides to using lumber covers.

Due to the transparency of end panels, customers can easily identify the products they are purchasing. Also, product recognition becomes much easier in the timber yard.

Clear-ended lumber covers enable barcode scanning of the products inside, thus making it a hassle-free process to track inventory without retracting individual items. Lumber cover makes the tracking and identification processes more efficient.

What Is Lumber Cover Used For?

As mentioned previously, clear end lumber covers facilitate barcode scanning without difficulty. Here at LumberShield, you can opt to get lumber covers with print or without any. The lumber covers will be neatly folded, packed into bundles, and palletized.

LumberShield also manufactures fabric lumber covers for packing and covering. These are mostly used to wrap items. Fabric lumber covers protect lumber products, as high-tech machines make them in order to be able to hold up strongly through different climatic and environmental conditions. 

Their incredible resilience and durability result from the three-layered polypropylene structure mixed with other durable materials. Fabric lumber covers can stay intact in varying ecological environments and are puncture and tear-resistant. These properties of fabric lumber coverings make it the perfect option for wrapping goods.

How To Choose Lumber Covers

Sewn lumber covers are the go-to choice when using staples on wood, and lumber is not the ideal option. Due to the snugly fitting design of sewn lumber covers, unlike in lumber wrap.

Water and Dust Proof Lumber Cover

There can be no complete guarantee that your products will not be exposed to dust and water during shipments. This is why choosing a lumber cover that comes with water and dust resistance is important. Lumber protective wraps are tough enough to hold up in the wind, which makes them a great option to cover goods carried in trucks. 

Depending on the type of goods you ship, the strength of the lumber wraps USA can be customized too. Shipments will benefit greatly from lumber covers, as there could be several factors such as weather, theft and external substances that could simply ruin your products. 

Once wrapped safely with lumber covers, your goods will stay protected throughout. Using lumber cover to protect your products is also a great way of avoiding potential losses and safeguarding the quality of the products you sell.

Contact LumberShield for all your lumber protective wraps needs. We will make sure that you receive the best lumber wraps for the fairest prices.